Tile Flooring

Tile Flooring

Types of tile flooring

If you wonder about your options in tile flooring, we have some information that may help you choose the perfect options for every room in your home. While some tiles are very much alike, there are some differences in floor tile that could change your preferences, so read along to find out more about them.

The perfect floor tile could be waiting for you

Of all the tile options available on the market today, ceramic and porcelain are probably the most popular. They are pretty similar and are often mistaken for one another, but some differences could make one a better option for your home than the other.

Porcelain tile is made only of the highest quality clay, which offers a through-body color option that helps hide scuffs, chips, or cracks, should they happen. Fired in the hottest kilns, they also provide extreme density, hardness, and a low permeability that makes them remarkably waterproof.

Ceramic offers all the same benefits except the through-body color style and has just a bit less hardness and density. However, it is not easy to tell there is no lack here, making it a perfect addition to most of the same spaces where you would utilize porcelain.

We offer the floor tile you need

Dunedin Floors and Granite is a tile shop with showrooms in Dunedin, Tampa, and Holiday, FL, with an extensive inventory of materials to fit your needs, whatever they might be. We work hard to match you with options that will serve you well for years, with associates dedicated to your successful results.

We proudly serve residents from Cape Fear, Palm Harbor, Clearwater, and Tarpon Springs, and we would like to help you find the perfect flooring whenever you are ready to get started. Be sure to visit our tile store today to browse our options, ask questions, and choose the ideal flooring.