Three FAQs about tile flooring

Three FAQs about tile flooring

As you search for the perfect floor tile for your remodel, we know you have questions. So, naturally, you want and need the best options for your project, even if only in a single room.

Understanding these materials is the first step to successful results. Here are three frequently asked questions about tile flooring for your consideration.

1. What looks can I get with tile flooring?

These floors offer vast visuals that you can personalize for the perfect decor match. Here are a few options you’ll find at our tile shop that are sure to serve you:

  • Solid colors
  • Wood look
  • Stone look
  • Moroccan look
  • Encaustic look
  • Geometric shapes and patterns
  • Installation formats
  • and so much more!

2. How long will floor tiles last?

You can expect an average 50-year lifespan from these floors with professional installation. Their durability and hard-wearing profile make this possible.

In that time, trends may change, but your floors will look just as good. And you can enjoy the many other benefits that come with the flooring.

3. Is it easy to clean tile flooring?

Cleaning your floor tile is a simple and easy task. Sweeping up debris and following with a damp mop is the easiest way.
We recommend that you don't use abrasive cleaners or tools on these surfaces. And if you need added protection, consider runners or rugs in busy spaces.

We have the tile flooring you want and need

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