Does tile flooring fit into my rustic decor interiors?

Does tile flooring fit into my rustic decor interiors?

Absolutely! Tile flooring works with any interior design style with an almost endless variety.

Rustic’s cozy vibe

Stone-look or wood-look tiles add rich, warm tones to your country decor. Stones like slate, with pops of orange and beige hues, can lean toward rustic styles.

Black and white patterns can be effective, especially in farmhouse rustic. When you visit our tile store, try to bring paint chips and fabric swatches to see what works and what doesn't.

A word about wood-look tiles

Thanks to modern technology called Inkjet, intricate patterns with raised grains are now available on a wood-look tile floor. This is opposed to the old way of hand-painting ceramics, which was slow and inaccurate.

Manufacturers also produce textures. The most popular wood-look tiles are wire-brushed, hand-scraped, and distressed.

Industrial chic, nordic vibes, classic looks, and more

Concrete tiles are cool and contemporary to fit in with industrial, modern, and many other designs. If you want a Nordic vibe, consider gray slate in a large format.

Speaking of large format, this has fewer grout lines/visual breaks. That makes a room look larger, airy, and bright.
Consider the tile shop your design playland!

Encaustic looks for any decor

Genuine encaustic tiles are hand-crafted with different clay colors to produce the pattern or figure. Technology enables manufacturers to create realistic simulations that fit into boho, art deco, or other decors.

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