Is tile flooring waterproof?

Is tile flooring waterproof?

A ceramic tile floor repels water, which is one of the primary reasons the tile is a perennial favorite for kitchens, bathrooms, and mudrooms. It's a good idea to think outside the box and consider putting this stain- and scratch-resistant floor covering in other rooms, too. Ceramic is cool underfoot when it's hot outside. Pair the tile with a radiant heat system, and it's warm during cold months. Dunedin Floors and Granite has a showroom in Dunedin, Tampa, and Holiday, Florida. Our tile store has a great selection of top-quality ceramic and porcelain tile.

Ceramic vs. porcelain

Only glazed ceramic floor tiles are waterproof. But while ceramic is porous, the specialized type of ceramic known as 'porcelain' is naturally waterproof. Ceramic is made of coarse clay, and porcelain is composed of fine kaolin clay. Further, porcelain is hardened in the kiln at a higher temperature than ceramic. While ceramic has a long lifespan, it's best for areas that have medium foot traffic. Porcelain, on the other hand, is appropriate for high-traffic areas.

Two types of porcelain tiles

More costly porcelain is the most durable type of tile available. Wood-look porcelain is especially popular since it can be installed in bathrooms, mudrooms, and other areas where moisture is expected. Porcelain is available in color-body and through-body options. Color-body porcelain is glazed. There is a design on the surface while the body is a solid color. Unglazed through-body porcelain is solid-colored. Frost-resistant brands can be used for outdoor applications.

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